Solar Electrical Systems – A Practical and Affordable Way to Save Money on Energy (Now!)

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of Power! I hope we don’t have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that”

-Thomas Edison

In recent years the technological advances have made using a solar electrical system as a viable alternative energy option for homeowners who are looking to save on their monthly electrical bill. A solar electrical system allows you to not only enjoy the financial rewards but allow you the self-gratification of knowing that you are helping to slow global warming and making a stance against the use of fossil fuels.

You may be wondering at this point “What is a solar electrical system?” Simply stated a solar electrical system converts sunlight into usable power for your home, office, or even recreational vehicle. The system does this by using the embedded photovoltaic cells found in solar panels to collect protons which displace neutrons; this in turn creates electrical current. With an inverter, you can take convert the power from AC (into batteries), into usable DC (from the batteries) for household appliances and electronics.

The range of uses for a solar electrical system is as varied as the uses for any “grid-tied” system. You can heat your swimming pool, workshop and tools, water heater, and dependent on your overall energy usage, your entire home or office.

Most solar panels and systems have a serviceable lifespan of 30-40 years regardless if it is professionally or self-installed. Because of the fact there are no moving parts there is virtually no maintenance required on the system. Lack of maintenance costs coupled with long-term energy savings are usually persuasive enough for a potential owner to justify the initial installation costs of the system. In fact as more and more consumers are showing interest in renewable energy sources, the initial costs are becoming even more affordable due to more an more competition in the marketplace.

Small pre-packaged solar panel kits can be found at your local hardware store or at a number of internet retailers. These small panels are an ideal solution for outdoor lighting, small water pumps, and other outdoor equipment. However if you are looking for solar electrical systems capable of powering your home or office, it might be wise to find a green energy retailer in your local area.